Why Obamacare Failed Miserably

The problem with healthcare in the U.S. is not being without health insurance – and why Obamacare failed, miserably

In fact, having health insurance, especially in the employer and Government based health plans, is the culprit of our horrible health related outcomes in the most advanced country in civilized history. Over prescribed opiate based pain killers, that are ironically killing people or many living a nightmare existence, repeat diagnostic procedures necessitated for profit and lawsuit protection, and the general malaise of people who are disengaged from their health because they are not involved in the study, selection and acquisition of their OWN health plan is the fault of a misguided attempt to make people healthy and happy by giving them access to unlimited care. What has this wrought? The most expensive and least effective healthcare system in the world. 

With the enforcement of the Affordable Care Act, we have essentially delegated our health to the Federal Government and at a cost that is staggering. The Obama Administration thought that expanding the rolls of insureds with the same, old, worn-out system of healthcare delivery would somehow pay off in better health outcomes relying on the reckless CBO to score this fallacy. Every single design to deliver healthcare to a Free Society will end in absolute failure if we do not address the most important element in our well-being, and that is, personal responsibility. Granted, children are not to blame, but their parents should teach them about personal responsibility and how it applies to the most important matter in their lives, their health. We don’t need to go in detail what responsibility is necessary to produce healthy outcomes, that should be obvious to all Americans, and is essential.

Outside of expanded Medicaid, why didn’t Obamacare work? Starting with the promises leading up to its passage, included these provisions and talking points that convinced most Americans and Insurance Companies to embrace this adjustment to 1/6 of our economy. 1) If Insurance companies incurred losses, they will be compensated 100% of their losses, which motivated insurers to accept the expensive provisions in Obamacare. To date, they have received 12% of the promised 100%! And that is why most insurers and the largest are not in the exchanges and essentially if Obamacare were to continue, there would be NO INSURERS IN 2018! 2) “If you like your Doctor or health plan you can keep it” is the reason why most of us accepted the Affordable Care Act, but we found out later our President fooled us, to put it graciously. 3) “Americans are getting kicked off plans because they get sick.” That is a huge misconception that has never happened in recent history, except those who lie on their applications. 4) “Taxpayer funded Cooperative health insurance companies will increase competition in the marketplace.” Only six out of twenty-three have survived and barely. Our Nevada Co-op, besides losing 70 Million in startup costs in two years, squandered money with unbridled compensation to executives and corrupted payments to Unions. And still has not paid its obligations to providers and brokers. 5) Let’s not forget the failed start up and financial disaster perpetrated by our State in regards to the Silver State Exchange on-line enrollment platform that had three years to prepare and bungled it entirely for a mere 12 million in taxpayer money.

Can anyone with a straight face declare Obamacare a success? With the wasted money we could have gone a long way into helping those who are truly in need.

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