Our Healthcare system is totally Un-American

Our Healthcare system is totally Un-American

And failing miserably its citizens. The culprit is burgeoning centralized bureaucratic entities that threaten our Nation by delegating what kind of health plans we must purchase, the continuation of employer sponsored tax favored commercial health plans that exclude employees from engaging in purchasing plans that addresses their particular needs, and among other reasons, Medicare and other Government controlled health plans that force Americans into one system with no other choices except managed care. This is not the America envisioned by our Founders, where healthcare and health in general, is controlled and by a single, centralized authority. This is not freedom.

What is most profound, is that the last attempt to control our healthcare, the Affordable Care Act, is an abject failure on most accounts. Every time a government entity tries to regulate an industry, it almost universally makes things worse and we lose another notch of freedom. Free markets are the backbone and symbol of our society and tend to serve the public more effectively than government.

Let healthcare be a personal endeavor, not a provision, and let every American choose what is right for themselves. We need to get our Federal and State governments, and additionally employers out of the healthcare business and let the markets compete for every individual and family in the U.S.A.

When individuals are occupied in determining what’s best for themselves, we tend to own the decision and are well acquainted with the factors and operation of a commodity, and is absolutely necessary when utilizing an intangible such as an insurance policy. Our health and healthcare is our personal responsibility. We need to devise a strategy to promote this fundamental American value.

~ Frank Welsh

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