Health Benefits With Life Insurance

Life Insurance You Don't Have to Die to Use

If you own life insurance, you have taken the first step in protecting your family financially if you were to die suddenly.
As we age, there are new demands being placed on our finances–the money we are trying to save for retirement. These demands include:
  • Financially supporting our adult children
  • Financially supporting our aging parents
  • Still making mortgage payments
As you can see, the possibility of our generation,(theBaby Boomers), running out of funds for retirement is a real concern.
If you currently own a traditional life policy, consider investing in one with Living Benefits.  AmericanGeneral’s unique product, Quality of Life…Insurance, provides the following:
  • A traditional Death Benefit
  • Accelerated Benefit Riders to help defray the cost of a qualifying critical illness such as a major heart attack, invasive cancer, or a stroke
  • Disability income protection to help pay bills if you are unable to work due to a sickness or an accident
  • Potential cash value to supplement retirement income to help you attain other financial goals
Quality of Life…Insurance is helping to change the way Americans think about and use their life insurance by simply allowing policyholders’ the option to access their death benefit while living. It’s Life Insurance You Don’t Have to Die to Use!  

Life Stages of Retirement

61% of Americans surveyed said they were more afraid of outliving their assets than they were of dying.

(The SunAmerican Retirement Study 2Q11)
Transitioning into retirement can be a crucial time in your financial life.  Understanding more about the stages of retirement can help you better prepare for your financial future. The stages are:
  • Prepare for retirement in your 20’s or 30’s by dedicating funds towards retirement savings and not using them for unexpected expenses
  • Transition into retirement by developing an income plan taking into account risk tolerance and timing
  • Living in retirement means sticking to your planned income stream to make sure it lasts during your lifetime

Will you have enough money for retirement?

Just another reason to consider Life Insurance with Living Benefits.  Living Benefit options can provide the ability to turn your life insurance policy into an income stream designed to handle the unexpected.

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